The highest farmer’s market in the Alps, in Ski amadé, is expanding its product range. With its 760 kilometres of slopes, Ski amadé is not only the largest ski organisation in Austria, but also nothing can compare to its vast range of culinary options which it has on offer. 260 mountain huts and restaurants situated in the middle of the ski resorts serve everything which the skier’s heart desires from bread with bacon lard spread to trout fillets or roast beef. This is also always of the highest quality and now is not only available in the mountain huts, but also from the market stands in the ski resorts: the highest farmer’s market in the Alps is heading for its second season this winter – expanded and extended for a longer period of time.

Where the farmer delivers directly to the highest market for skiers

After the very successful introduction last year, the highest farmer’s market in the Alps has been extended for the 2016/17 winter season. Local farmers sell their own products from the market stands at the mountain huts. This initiative is justifiably called the “highest farmer’s market in the Alps,“ with the highest market stands being at 2,700 metres above sea level, these being on the Dachstein glacier and at the Panoramic dome in Sportgastein. This season, the farmer’s market will run for a whole week. The market stands in ski amadé are open from the 18th to the 25th of March.

It is the result of a perfect working relationship between the farmers and the hospitality of the mountain huts: where in winter the skiers glide down into the valley, in summer the cows graze, wild herbs, berries and pine trees grow and bees busily collect pollen. In the autumn, before the first skiers arrive, it is harvested and processed. The local producers and farmers produce full-flavoured cheese from their own cow’s milk, from the cows which have spent the summer on the high mountain pastures, they dry the collected wild herbs for teas or salts, preserve the finest berry jams, distil schnapps from pine cones or gentian roots and drain the good mountain forest honey. The skier then gets all of these products on his/her plate, because a lot of value is placed on local products in the Ski amadé ski and wine gourmet huts. Cheese, bacon, fish, schnapps or honey are not imported, but are simply brought up from the valley, directly from the farmers or producers to the mountain huts and there they are made into tasty dishes.

Farmer’s market ski-in at the ski huts

Ski amadé is well known for its numerous indulgence initiatives, such as the cable car dinner, the Michelin star dishes, the greatfood and drink offers or the ski and wine gourmet weeks. The highest farmer’s market in the Alps enjoyed great success in March 2016 and is now another fixed date on the ski and culinary Ski amadé calendar. Whoever plans to take a break during the ski and wine gourmet week from the 18th to the 25th of March at one of our certified ski and wine gourmet huts in Ski amadé, can turn their break into a market visit. The stalls (or stall) at the huts are run by the producers and farmers, who personally serve the wide range of traditional products: smoked trout, pickled vegetables, herbal spreads, various liquors, herbal salts, farmhouse bread, products from the Enns valley sheep and many more. Furthermore, skier market-goers can sample products at some stalls: traditional Plattlkrapfen (savoury doughnuts) with sauerkraut or real Pongauer meat pancakes. Sometimes you do not even need to take your skis off. A ski-in farmer’s market so to speak, and whatever tastes the best, can of course be bought there and then. For whoever doesn’t have a shopping basket or a ski rucksack with them, they will get a small jute rucksack from the local producers at their stall, so that you can transport your shopping safely and in style down into the valley.

It starts to become quite a sporty challenge, when skiers try to visit all the market stalls in Ski amadé and at the end of the day have cheese from the stall in front of the Steinbock Alm, bacon from the stall by the Tiergartenalm and pine schnapps from the stand at the Wiesenstadl, all in their rucksack. By doing so, you have already covered many of the 760 kilometres of slopes and have earned your bacon, cheese and schnapps. Also nice: have a picnic basket put together with the best products and consume the contents on a winter picnic at one of the designated 5-senses spots, on a rustic wooden bench, on a giant swing or on a wooden throne with a view over the mountain peaks.

Ski and wine gourmet weeks in March: gastronomically all of the finest quality

During the ski and wine gourmet weeks, there are many events surrounding Austrian wine culture and regional products, both in the hotels down in the valley and in the mountain huts in the ski resorts. Twenty mountain huts and restaurants in Ski amadé are now partners of the ski and wine gourmet weeks. They are labelled with a certification plaque at the entrance and are renowned for an extensive wine selection, a regional menu made with local products and a special service culture – naturally also outside of the ski and wine gourmet weeks. The special regional dishes are listed separately on the menu and have a clear indication of origin. The mountain hut proprietors offer at least two different regional dishes per day made with local products. There is also a special wine recommendation to the gourmet dishes. So skiers could, for example, order a pink slice of roast beef from a Pongauer cow during the ski and wine gourmet week or a curd cheese blueberry strudel with self-picked blueberries from Hauser Kaibling and curd cheese from the Enns valley dairy. To go with that, a glass of Austrian Grüner Veltliner or a Blauer Zweigeltcomes highly recommended.

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