March 15, 2017 – Repeated record sales regardless of small harvests – Proceeds from Austria’s wine exports climbed in the year 2016 to a new record level of nearly 148 million Euros, despite a series of small harvests since 2011. This came about thanks to a considerable sales increase in upper-echelon bottled wines: a volume of 1.8 million litres, which translates into revenue growth of 5.2 million Euros for this segment. The median price of all exports climbed to an impressive 3.05 Euros per litre.

Austria’s wine export figures also grew appreciably in the year 2016, although the momentum has been slowed in the past five years by a series of harvests that were weaker in terms of volume. Despite lower turnover in bulk wine, strong increases in sales of bottled wines managed to provide the total export picture with an increase of more than 3%, or 4.5 million Euros. Bottled Qualitätswein-grade whites posted a gain of more than 6 million Euros.

Exports to non-EU lands grow more rapidly

Markets outside the EU are primarily responsible for this welcome development in exports, with Switzerland (including Liechtenstein), the USA, Norway, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia leading the way. Thanks to growth of nearly 12%, export figures for the USA surpassed the 12 million Euro mark for the first time. Qualitätswein exports to Germany grew as well, where the Bureau of Statistics in Wiesbaden indicates an increase in wine import values from Austria of more than 10% for 2016. Among other EU countries, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Slovakia, Poland and Ireland demonstrate noticeable increases.

Upbeat atmosphere among Austria’s exporters just before ProWein

In light of these encouraging figures, Austria’s wine producers are preparing for ProWein with great optimism. The world’s most important trade fair for the wine industry takes place from Sunday 19 March through Tuesday 21 March in Düsseldorf, Germany. More than 350 Austrian exhibitors will be presenting their wares at this event, which represents the most significant exhibition for Austrian wine outside of the country’s borders, organised jointly by the Austrian Economic Chambers and the Austrian Wine Marketing Board. Supported by its new export gains, Austria can impressively affirm its status as a consistently more successful category among the ranks of major wine-exporting nations.