Cooler autumn temperatures have us dreaming of comforting soups, hearty dishes, and sweet spices to warm our bones.

Luckily, Austrian wine is here to make sure every meal is complete with delicious pairings.




Butternut Squash Soup & Pinot Blanc

Butternut squash is a classic fall dish and turning it into a soup warms us from the inside out. Here we’re focused on the weight of the wine alongside the dish so choosing something with a little oak influence is a good idea. We recommend trying out this classic recipe from Serious Eats for a taste of something traditional.

Roasted Acorn Squash with Pecans and Brown Sugar and Pinot Noir 

Though it’s only a small portion of our production, Austria makes great Pinot Noir! Look to Burgenland for something that can stand up to this sweet dish. We recommend trying out this recipe from Woodstock Foods. 

Beef Stew with Vegetables in a Crock Pot with Rich Gruener Veltliner

A classic wine for a classic dish. We recommend this recipe from Food Network which extracts the juices from the meat before combining it with the vegetables and accentuates the flavors. Gruener isn’t known as the ultimate pairing wine for nothing. Not only will it pair well with the vegetables, but the boiled beef will make a perfect companion. 

Apple Glazed Meatballs and Blaufrankisch 

We love this fall meatball recipe from Better Homes & Gardens because it combines spicy and sweet which is a great match for our signature Blaufraenkisch. Blaufraenkisch is known for its spicy character and red cherry fruits so it’s a great pairing with these flavorful morsels.


These dishes and wine pairings are sure to keep you warm all autumn long! Have a favorite? We’d love to hear about it!