December 21, 2017 – We’ve got another year just about behind us, a really good one. In the wine cellars of Austria, there’s plenty of wine resting peacefully, produced from the fully ripened grapes of this year’s harvest, and filling the growers’ hearts with joy on account of its fine quality.

The 2017 vintage in Europe provides a perfect example of how close joy and suffering come to one another in matters of wine: France, Spain and Italy are reporting historically low harvest volumes due to adverse weather conditions, while we in Austria are able to record a surpassingly abundant harvest, having just barely escaped another catastrophic late frost.
The coming Christmas holidays provide a good occasion for the AWMB’s team to take a moment amid the flow of work, to permit ourselves a look back on the passing year.

Before we vigorously start working on 2018, we would like to briefly highlight a few things that were important to us in 2017. We launched our new marketing campaign, with the byword ‘The Art of Wine. Down to Earth.’ A new corporate identity found its initial expression in our brochures and advertising, and will shortly bring a new look (with a wealth of images) to our website. We added a manager for Online matters to the team, in order to give our marketing efforts a more solid grip on Social Media channels. In the course of the Weingipfel (Wine Summit), we accompanied eighty prominent wine journalists from thirty countries through the winegrowing regions of Austria and shortly afterwards we were able to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the greatAustrian wine competition SALON Österreich. We were Chapter One of the brand new event-concept Vinexpo Explorer, in which winegrowers and international wine merchants were brought together, one-on-one, with perfect precision. The former winegrowing region Weststeiermark became the new DAC-region Schilcherland and Austrian Sekt g.U. (with Protected Designation of Origin) Klassik and Reserve found their way onto the wine racks of the world. Over the course of countless tastings and seminars that reached from Montréal to Tokyo, we were able to convince the world’s wine professionals of the top quality that’s now expected when one opens a bottle of Austrian wine.
To sum things up: we are indeed happy with 2017!

So to this, we would like to lift a stimulating glass of Austrian wine together with all of Austria’s winegrowers, with our friends and partners worldwide and make a toast:

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The team of the AWMB