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Welcome to the Austrian Wine’s Best Sommelier mock exam! Please be advised the questions below are to be used as a reference guide to the types of questions you will be asked on the qualifying and final exams, but not as the sole topics to study. Please remember to study everything! Download the pdf version: Wines of Austria 2018 Practice Exam.

Happy studying!

  1. What color of wine is Roter Veltliner traditionally made into?
  2. What does “Alte Reben” mean on a bottle of Austrian wine?
  3. What are the three sub-regions of Styria?
  4. What is Schilcher?
  5. What is the primary grape variety of the Eisenberg DAC?
  6. Where is Gumpoldskirchen?
  7. At minimum, how long does Grosse Reserve Austrian sekt have to stay on the lees?
  8. What’s the KMW of Strohwein?
  9. Which style of DAC wine must be raised in an in-oxidative environment?
  10. What is the most planted red grape in Austria?
  11. What’s a Heuriger?
  12. Explain the regulations for Wiener Gemischter Satz?
  13. Which larger winegrowing region has the most DAC?
  14. What’s the only DAC in Burgenland that allows for white varieties?
  15. Most of the vineyard land in the Wagram is located in which quarter of the area (I.e. North West, South West, etc.)?
  16. What direction does the Danube flow?
  17. What type of vineyard soil found frequently through Austria is windblown, sedimentary micro-sand
  18. Stadlmann is one of the most famous producers in what winegrowing region
  19. What’s the newest DAC?
  20. In what larger wine region are the villages of Illmitz and Rust?
  21. Which famous New York City sommelier makes Gruner with Gerhard Kracher in the Weinviertel?
  22. What is the minimum alcohol of Smaragd wine in the Wachau?
  23. Arrange the following regions from north to south: Carnuntum, Kamptal, Eisenberg, Neusiedlersee.
  24. What is the relationship between sugar and acidity in a “trocken” Austrian quality wine white wine?
  25. Achleiten, Hochrain, and Kellerberg are all top vineyards in what Austrian winegrowing region?
  26. What’s the Austrian synonym for Pinot Gris?


May the best sommelier win!